About Us

Welcome to Sacheerome, a group with diversified interest, an enterprise synonymous with advance technology, infrastructure development, innovation & creativity.

Sacheerome Pvt. Ltd: One of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Concentrate Industrial Fragrances & flavors in the Indian-sub-continent, with a track record spanning more than 5 decades. Our manufacturing units, marketing offices & agents are strategically located at the commercial hubs in New Delhi, Mumbai and various other parts of India and other continents.Deep into research and creativity with a state-of-the-art R&D center, Sacheerome blends time-tested and classic techniques with modern technologies to produce the finest notes and authentic tastes with high acceptance levels across the globe. With our constant innovation and consumer-focused policies, we have been able to create many a benchmark in the perfumery industry

Our exceptional skills are backed with best in class technology at our new automated manufacturing plant capable of pour sizes ranging from 0.002gm to 2MT and lot sizes of 10gm to 10MT with precision technology. Recently we have rolled out our other project under Sacheerome Advance Technology to take a step forward to complete our corporate social responsibility.

Being a leading fragrance house, Sacheerome constantly endeavors to adopt more demanding quality standards wherever appropriate and continuously enhances its processes and performances. The company strictly adheres to industry-standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and follows the most stringent quality control measures for best-possible end products. All products undergo rigorous and computer-controlled testing so that our customers are assured of product purity.

Sacheerome conforms to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines - a set of internationally accepted norms for product safety. Strict compliance with all relevant national and international laws has further helped us emerge as a highly acclaimed name in the field of industrial fragrances and rendered us globally acceptable on the quality front. Integrity and high ethical standards remain the key focus at Sacheerome and we never compromise on quality, safety or environment norms.

Sacheerome Private Limited was started by Mr. Manoj Arora, with the singular and focused objective of creating new and contemporary fragrances. Over the years, it has remained devoted to that philosophy. Developing advanced technologies, following prevailing market trends and consumer preferences, it has created aromas that have helped some of the well-known brands acquire unique identities. A family owned business for over five decades. It is now managed by a strong team of experienced professionals and highly skilled personnel. Our profound experience in understanding the Indian & global market cues has given us the competitive edge in providing cost effective products with the assurance of superior quality.